Mobile apps aren't just for phones.

There's a large ecosystem of tablet and hybrid devices that are growing in numbers at an astounding rate, especially with companies adopting BYOD (bring your own device) policies. These mobile platforms are poised to forever change the computing landscape. Doctors are carrying them on patient visits in their offices and at hospitals. Students use them in place of large textbooks and as research tools. And non-technical family members use them as safe, general purpose computing devices.

It's clear that no matter who your target audience may be, mobile platforms must be a part of the equation.

Stable and reliable.

Fynydd can also design and develop traditional desktop apps using a wide variety of languages and platforms. And since the industry can turn on a dime, we constantly adapt to changing technology trends.

We build stable, reliable production solutions. We have experience building everything from desktop widgets to firmware control systems and even cpu and chipset emulators. Our solutions also range from completely isolated, secure, on-demand software, to highly integrated, networked clients.

Socially conscious.

Leveraging cloud services and social platforms is a necessity today. And Fynydd is experienced with integrating and authoring for many third party web services, like those provided by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Vimeo, Amazon, and more.

We've written Facebook applications, learning tools with socialized video components, client-server alert and messaging systems, mobile apps that integrate with platforms like Twitter, and more. If the success of your software solution requires a social component, we know how to make them work together seamlessly.

Technology agnostic.

We build our software solutions using a variety of development environments and platforms. And though we may favor some for specific applications, we never stick with the "what we know" mentality. Our senior software engineers are highly experienced and have worked on high-visibility projects for large enterprise clients. This both builds and requires a breadth of knowledge and experience. We bring that to each project.

Flexible process.

When we engage with a client we first work to define a clear, efficient process. And since each client is different, processes can vary. But some of the core components of every process include clearly defined roles and responsiblities, explicit methods for communicating, and quality assurance steps which can include agile, iterative review cycles, source control and document versioning, dedicated development, staging and production environments, and a timeline built through ongoing collaboration.


Some of our senior staff were authoring software before IBM introduced its first PC. Back then the tools were primitive and there was no public Internet. Assembly language was required to accomplish anything of value.

So what does this all mean?

It means that we leverage decades of experience coding for devices with limited resources when creating modern applications. It means that we bring a breadth of experience to your projects. It means great results.

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