Open Source
BenfordExplore how Benford’s Law can detect falsified data in text or images
DataStoreSQL Server ORM framework for .NET Core/Standard projects
Enigma MachineModern keyless cryptography using an emulated Enigma machine
FdeployCLI tool for deploying ASP.NET Core websites quickly with offline messaging
Namecheap DNSAdd and remove TXT records using the Namecheap DNS API
Sfumato SCSSCLI tool for generating CSS utility classes from your markup
SqlPkg for SqlPackageMake Microsoft’s SqlPackage a better backup/restore tool
Web Services & API Development

Web services and APIs drive the modern web

Apps can't provide much value without a server infrastructure. We can design and deploy web services and APIs for your native and web apps.

Web Services & API Development

Web Services Development

One method for scaling an app as its audience grows is segmenting the server infrastructure into logical service units through web services. These web services handle specific functionality and work together to service your app platform. Some can handle user profile data, while others can provide content search.

Infrastructure design

Custom web services development

Index search

Vector and RAG search


REST & gRPC API Development

Web, mobile, and desktop apps need an application programming interface (API) in order to communicate with the server infrastructure to send and receive data and perform business functions. Fynydd has extensive experience in building REST and gRPC APIs for a variety of consuming applications.

Infrastructure design

Custom REST APIs

Custom gRPC APIs

Index search

Vector and RAG search


Need a different service?

We offer all kinds of UI design and software development services. Check them out on our services page.

Why Choose Fynydd?

We have decades of experience across many industries

Fynydd was founded in 2010 and our team has decades of collective experience working in many industries. We bring that experience to every project, giving you a competitive advantage.

We are software developers and UI/UX experts, not a marketing agency

Though we sometimes work with marketing agencies to provide them with expert software development services for their clients, we are not an ad agency. We're software development artisans and we stay in our lane.

We have a 100% on-shore development team

If you're looking for cheap outsourced labor we're not your partner. We have all on-shore U.S. senior developers and UI/UX experts that each can lead a project from strategy to completion.

Founded by dev-ops engineers

Fynydd was founded by dev-ops engineers who advise and code as part of the team. So our leadership knows software development and UI/UX design and is up-to-date on technologies and trends.

We embrace a core set of values

When we founded Fynydd we put a lot of thought into our core values. They guide how we interact with clients, our team members, and vendors. They're a guiding post when we hire, and a reminder when we manage relationships.

We love what we do and we love helping people

Our team is enthusiastic regarding technology, and positive and supportive when working on client projects. We're thankful to get the opportunity to work with you. Always.

We can also host your app platform

We have a robust, secure hosting environment through Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you have your own hosting solution, that's great. And if you need hosting services, we have that covered too.

We also partner with agencies as their scalable software development team

Advertising and marketing agencies are really great at brand messaging, design, and search engine optimization (SEO). But you can't be great at everything. That's why agencies that focus on their core services love working with us as a development partner.

Web Services & API Development Stack

Cloud Back-End

Amazon Web Services

AWS bedrock








Microsoft .NET

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Windows









SQL Server



Umbraco CMS


How can we help?

Whether your organization is big or small, book a conference call or request an estimate and let’s see how we can help.

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