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The RFP process, redefined

RFPs are great for buying a quantifiable product or service, but they're not a good way to find a partner for a project that is not readily quantifiable.

How we bootstrapped our company culture

Every company should take the time to think about who they want to be, and codify it for their employees and clients. Here's why, and how we did it.

Thoughts on adding Apple Watch features to your iOS app

With the release of the Apple Watch, developers have been scrambling to add support to their apps. But there are considerations that need to be top of mind.

Building an intranet? Consider this...

The strategy for creating a great intranet site is no different than any other website, so long as you take a user-centric approach.

Tech predictions for 2015

Various Fynydd staff make tech predictions for 2015. Will Apple tech dominate? What's Microsoft's next move? Will I finally get FiOS (hint: no)?

Can you remember your passwords? That's bad.

Let's talk about the first line of defense in protecting your identity online so that you don't become an explicit target or collateral damage: passwords.

Persistent prototypes: how we build great products

The way we build great products is always evolving. We've tailored the process to fit the needs of varied clients and how our creative teams want to execute

How we integrated the Ghost blogging platform

We recently upgraded the Fynydd blog with Ghost, a Node.js-based blogging platform. The catch? Our site is running PHP on Windows with IIS.

What is "Open Source"?

A term to describe software written in a way that anyone can collaborate and redistribute the code without legal consequence.

Why wireframe?

Wireframes are essential, core aspects to the development cycle for a new website, or are they?

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