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WiFi signal problems? This might help.

I've been battling with intermittent WiFi signal problems in my house for some time. Here's how I solved the problem.

Use Gravatars to enhance your online social presence

The Gravatar service allows you to upload one or more avatars of yourself, and associate them with one or more e-mail addresses for anyone to see.

The best file compression app to use in OS X

There are a plethora of great file compression tools for OS X, including the built-in Archive Utility.

How to enable ReadyBoost in Windows 7 when your system disk is too fast

I use VMWare virtual machines for Windows development. In doing so, I've found in the past that when running Windows 7 in a virtual machine it's beneficial to use ReadyBoost to increase performance.

Set the creation and modification date of a file in OS X using the terminal

Sometimes you have to change the date of a file, for example, when you edit old images in your personal photo library, the date will change to the current one.

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