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Use Gravatars to enhance your online social presence

The Gravatar service allows you to upload one or more avatars of yourself, and associate them with one or more e-mail addresses for anyone to see.

The best file compression app to use in OS X

There are a plethora of great file compression tools for OS X, including the built-in Archive Utility.

How to enable ReadyBoost in Windows 7 when your system disk is too fast

I use VMWare virtual machines for Windows development. In doing so, I've found in the past that when running Windows 7 in a virtual machine it's beneficial to use ReadyBoost to increase performance.

Set the creation and modification date of a file in OS X using the terminal

Sometimes you have to change the date of a file, for example, when you edit old images in your personal photo library, the date will change to the current one.

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