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RT @icodewell: So, there goes Net Neutrality. Thanks @realDonaldTrump and ISP lapdog @AjitPaiFCC

Fynydd @fynydd on 12/14/2017

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Handy iOS tip: the built in camera app can scan and process QR codes. If it doesn’t work for you check the camera settings in the iOS settings app. #iOS #iPhones #Apple

Fynydd @fynydd on 11/18/2017

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It's long since time for Google Docs to provide a way to insert Material Design or FontAwesome glyphs.

Fynydd @fynydd on 2/3/2017

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Interesting read. What's striking is that Mark Zuckerberg seems to be too smart to spend time on Facebook. #irony

Fynydd @fynydd on 1/20/2017

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Apple released a nice iOS support app. Lists out your devices & access to help, warranty status, and more.

Fynydd @fynydd on 12/14/2016

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New tool on the Fynydd Tools site: Tech Trends!

Fynydd @fynydd on 11/23/2016

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Interesting... Visual Studio for Mac. I wonder how usable it will be when compared with the Windows version.

Fynydd @fynydd on 11/14/2016

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Be sure to visit to see if you have any network vulnerabilities public on Shodan (

Fynydd @fynydd on 10/30/2016

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Having stutter issues with your Macbook Trackpad or Magic Trackpad in Windows (Boot Camp)? Here's a simple solution.

Fynydd @fynydd on 10/5/2016

Run shell scripts from the macOS Services menu

If you're a macOS / OS X developer and use utilities like Sass or Compass I've created a simple way to launch them from bash files using the Finder.