The challenge

TGaS® Advisors is the premier provider of fact-based, peer-to-peer comparative intelligence, helping pharmaceutical operations leaders drive commercial excellence. Their benchmarking and advisory services offer access to industry experts and a network of professional colleagues: fact-based answers to the question "How do other pharmaceutical companies do 'it'?"® and practical, actionable advice for achieving operational excellence.

TGaS has been providing large pharmaceutical companies with deep, comparative intelligence for many years and wanted to help the smaller emerging pharmaceutical companies solve their problems by using the lessons and processes from larger pharmaceutical companies.

So they created the elsNetwork subscription service.

They already had a platform for the service. But they needed a marketing website to let the world know about their great new product offering. It had to be fast, modern, and flexible enough to provide bite-sized samples of the subscription content. It also had to integrate with the product so guest accounts could be used to help customers make the decision to purchase a subscription.

TGaS Advisors


  • Comparative Intelligence

Project timeline

  • 6 months to MVP

Fynydd services

  • API integrations
  • CMS development
  • Github source code repository management
  • Responsive markup with SCSS
  • Technical research, consulting
  • User experience strategy and design
  • User interface design
  • Web app hosting

The result

To achieve their goals we chose a cutting edge technology named "Meteor", which makes websites that feel native. We identified the content structure and designed a mongoDB data schema for use within Meteor. We also determined that the best hosting strategy was to use Fynydd hosting for the application, and mLab for the database.

Once the groundwork was in place, we built a custom content management system (CMS) in Meteor, which was purpose-built to focus solely on the essential content that TGaS needed to publish. There were no unnecessary options, and no complex layouts to create. TGaS really loved how fast the site was, and how easy the content was to manage.


  • Custom CMS built in Meteor
  • App hosting with Fynydd
  • mongoDB hosted at mLab
  • Responsive HTML5 framework with SCSS
  • Integration with the TGaS elsNetwork subscription service