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ASP.NET/MVC development made easier

Many developers create their own reusable utility classes. Halide is our version of that, free for you to use. It was first written in 2003 and has been completely refactored and streamlined to support CLR 4.5 in this latest release. We're using it on this site.

Some of the current benefits of Halide:

  1. Extension methods. We've added lots of handy methods for base types, like strings, dates, and numerics. They're all little timesavers that we've used on real projects over the years. For example, there's a method to format a string using AP (Associated Press) title case, a better Trim() function, deep object copying, strip HTML, number formatters, and more.
  2. Fragment caching. caching parts of pages and reusable data is key to a high performing website. Halide has helpers for using, clearing, and expiring fragment cache items.
  3. Client-side helpers. Cookie handling is easier with these helper methods. We also include an extension method for the Url.Content method so that included CSS and JavaScript assets can have dynamic cache busters and can be auto-minified.
  4. Compression tools. If you need to GZip compress/decompress data, these helpers will make it easy.
  5. Temporal helpers. The temporal class provides easy ways to do complex date/time comparisons across minutes, weeks, quarters, and more. You can also easily format dates and times with simple commands.
  6. Security and encryption. Using AES256 encryption and decryption becomes a single line of code with the helpers in this class.
  7. And lots more. There are helpers for sending email, image handling, session state, a SQL reader, disk file manipulation, and more.
  8. This API requires no commercial third party components. You have all the source code, an MIT license, sunshine, and puppies.

Ready to check it out?

Visit our github account and clone the repository to check it out. If you'd like to contribute to the project, we'd love to have you! Just let us know.

Need help using this?

If you need help with this or any of our other open source projects, Fynydd can consult with you to get your project moving in the right direction. Just let us know by visiting our contact page where you can reach out or talk to us directly on our free slack community.