Measuring the effectiveness, use, or profitability of your platform is key

We can configure existing tools and build custom analytics engines to help you monitor user activity, sales trends, profitability, and other statistics. We can even make the dashboards and reports available from any device, usable in your presentations, and easily shared. 

Do I need a dashboard or reporting service?

How do you know if you can benefit from a dashboard or reporting service? You can start by answering these questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions regarding your current or future needs, you should consider a having us build a dashboard or reporting service for you.


Do you need to report app usage, uptime, user acceptance, or other metrics to stakeholders or customers?


Do you need to ensure compliance by knowing how users have interacted with your platform?


Do marketing and sales goals need to be adjusted in real-time based on real world trends?

Some examples of dashboards and reporting tools we've built

From web and mobile apps to third party API integrations and everything in between, we’ve been turning ideas into realities for years. Check out some of our case studies for more information.

Think Program Dashboard

The ThinkDrink and ThinkLove educational programs are amazing resources for teens and young adults, and Campus Outreach Services needed a way to show their success rate and efficacy to subscribing organizations.

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Jumpstart video training platform

Endo Pharmaceuticals had a goal of training over 2,500 sales representatives to ensure they meet regulatory requirements for compliance training, so they turned to Fynydd.

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TGaS Vendor Insights

When TGaS got a great product idea for helping their big pharmaceutical clients easily find the right vendors based on what their peers and the industry as a whole have experienced, they came to Fynydd to make it a reality.

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Knowledge center analysis & prototype

US Bank was growing too fast to adequately support their staff. They brought in Fynydd to analyze their support infrastructure, make recommendations, and build a prototype.

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But wait, there's more

You can check out other products and services we’ve built by heading on over to our services page.

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