Career Opportunities

Fynydd is a design-focused software development company based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. As such, we design and build great user experiences in a wide variety of technologies, for an equally wide variety of industries. Even if we aren't handling the design work, we're a strong advocate for the designers, ensuring the integrity of the final product.

We offer an industry-leading total compensation package to our hires from day one, including the following (where applicable):

  • Very competitive salary
  • Discretionary bonus program
  • Work from home with generous flexibility in work schedule
  • Paid vacation, 401(k), major medical, dental, long-term disability
  • Work with experts and high visibility clients and projects

We have an awesome, supportive company culture. And we don't hire based strictly on education or past experience. We hire for all the right reasons: attitude, aptitude, work ethic and passion.

Freelancers Welcome

Many of our openings are for part-time or freelance work. And many start under contract but become full-time positions with our company as we grow together.

So check out the current list of openings to find out more.

Placement Agencies Not Welcome

If you're a placement agency, outsourcing company, or other proxy, we're not interested. If you ignore this request, we won't consider using you in the future. Ever.


We're always looking for talented people, even when we're not actively hiring. So if you're interested in joining our team, let us know using our contact form, or by applying for one of the positions below.

No Openings... Check back soon!