Open Source
BenfordExplore how Benford’s Law can detect falsified data in text or images
DataStoreSQL Server ORM framework for .NET Core/Standard projects
Enigma MachineModern keyless cryptography using an emulated Enigma machine
FdeployCLI tool for deploying ASP.NET Core websites quickly with offline messaging
Namecheap DNSAdd and remove TXT records using the Namecheap DNS API
Sfumato SCSSCLI tool for generating CSS utility classes from your markup
SqlPkg for SqlPackageMake Microsoft’s SqlPackage a better backup/restore tool
Paper Airplane

We are a software design & development company.

UI/UX Design


Mobile Apps

Desktop & CLI

Generative AI

Cloud Services

We solve problems through purpose-built apps and platforms. Our UI design and software development experts work with your team to achieve your business goals. Together, we’ll create something amazing!

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There’s nothing more exciting than working with a new client. We hear their tech horror stories and know that we can turn things around for them. We’ve got this!

One of the first questions we ask is What will define success? That’s because we’re laser-focused on that one core goal even as the details change along the way.

When you take the time to know your client’s business and goals you’re able to anticipate, understand, and execute with surprising efficiency.

Client relationships are important.

Fynydd has been working with clients to solve their problems since 2010 and our team has decades of collective experience. Consequently we have experience spanning many different industries, user bases, and technologies. And we bring that knowledge to every project.

Michael Argentini

Managing Partner, Technology & Design

Chris Bywaters

Managing Partner, Operations & Technology

Core Technologies

We work with a lot of technologies but specialize in a few.

We overcome software challenges for organizations no matter the technology, but we do specialize in a core set of languages and frameworks that we recommend for most projects starting from scratch. We’ve carefully chosen these technologies because they’re secure, flexible, performant, and cross-platform.

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Generative AI

It's not about organizations that use AI. It’s about the ones that don’t.

Customers and end-users expect more intelligent interactions with software. Organizations that are not using AI to provide those experiences are at a competitive disadvantage. Fynydd helps organizations provide conversational documents, chat with their customers, determine sentiment, identify images and video, transform scanned information, and so much more.

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Cloud Computing

When it comes to scalability we know cloud computing.

Cloud computing is extremely cost effective. And most anyone can benefit from leveraging cloud computing services like remote storage, serverless apps, and everything in between. We help organizations of all sizes gain the scalability and maintainability of cloud services.

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We're experts at helping clients sell products and services online.

Organizations that need to sell online find that there are a myriad of options, from storefronts and conversion to payment processors and fulfillment . We help organizations identify the right technology stack for their sales pipeline, to provide a great customer experience and maximize their margin.

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How can we help?

Whether your organization is big or small, book a conference call or request an estimate and let’s see how we can help.

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