Open Source
BenfordExplore how Benford’s Law can detect falsified data in text or images
DataStoreSQL Server ORM framework for .NET Core/Standard projects
Enigma MachineModern keyless cryptography using an emulated Enigma machine
FdeployCLI tool for deploying ASP.NET Core websites quickly with offline messaging
Namecheap DNSAdd and remove TXT records using the Namecheap DNS API
Sfumato SCSSCLI tool for generating CSS utility classes from your markup
SqlPkg for SqlPackageMake Microsoft’s SqlPackage a better backup/restore tool
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Our Company

The word fynydd in Welsh means mountain or hill.

In Wales fynydd is pronounced [‘vänith], though here we pronounce it [fin-id].

Founded By DevOps Engineers

Fynydd was founded in 2010 by DevOps engineers with decades of user interface design and software development experience. We combined our UI design and development companies to form a new, single entity where we could combine our services expertise to make something even better.

Today, we have a passionate, talented team of project managers, designers, developers, and strategists, working on a wide range of projects for all kinds of clients. Basically, we bring ideas to life on a daily basis.

Michael Argentini

Managing Partner, Technology & Design

Michael directs research & development, UI design, and marketing. But unlike most design professionals, he is also a software developer. Over the years, his work has been featured in publications like USA Today and Smart Computing Magazine. And he's worked for an eclectic range of clients, ranging from Food Network Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Comcast SportsNet, and Intel Corporation, to large enterprise clients in retail, pharmaceutical, and finance, as well as ad agencies, restaurants, non-profits, tech firms, and more.

Chris Bywaters

Managing Partner, Operations & Technology

Chris directs operations and assists with the management of our QA and development teams. He also draws on his customer-centric philosophy and wide range of experience to drive and facilitate our technical solutions. Chris is adept in management and information solutions design, process design, education (he is a certified Carnegie Technology Instructor), communications, and customer satisfaction. Chris is committed to ensuring the efficiency and success of our customers through technology.

Our Core Values

Deliver exceptional experiences through products and services

Everything we do is a reflection of Fynydd and our values

Embrace and drive change

Change is constant in a growing company

Be fun. Be goofy. Be yourself

At Fynydd, we’re always creating fun and a little weirdness

Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded

We think it's important for people and the company as a whole to be bold and daring (but not reckless)

Always pursue growth and learning

We think it's important for employees to grow both personally and professionally

Build open and honest relationships through communication

We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because that leads to trust and confidence

Build a positive team and family spirit

At Fynydd, we place a lot of emphasis on our culture because we are both a team and a family

Do more with less

Fynydd has always been about being able to do more with less

Be passionate and determined

Passion is the fuel that drives us and our company forward

Be humble

While we have grown quickly in the past, we recognize that there are always challenges ahead

Industry Experience

When you really get to know your client’s business and goals you’re able to anticipate, understand, and execute with surprising efficiency.

Fynydd has experience building great apps for a wide range of industries, and we bring that knowledge to every project. But we’re always learning. That’s why we’re in it for the long haul.

Our Services

Advertising & Marketing

Banking & Financial

Broadcast & Media

Consumer & Retail

Energy & Utility Companies

Film & Entertainment

Fortune 500 Companies



Non-Profit Organizations

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Scientific & Technical

Service Providers

Technology Companies

Tourism & Travel

Universities & Education

How can we help?

Whether your organization is big or small, book a conference call or request an estimate and let’s see how we can help.

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