Open source

As a company, Fynydd has been a part of the developer community since 2010. Individually we've been involved with helping other developers with code and advice since the early 80s. Given our long history in that regard, we decided to create a proper home for tools and code that we want to share. This is that home.

SQribe for SQL Server

Backup and restore Microsoft SQL Server databases on Windows, macOS, and Linux. SQribe works with cloud services like Amazon RDS and Azure. It speeds up your development cycle. It helps you to version your databases with platforms like git and subversion. And it allows you to break the VPN barrier by backing up and restoring in separate steps with local script files.

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Carbide for Umbraco

Carbide is a treasure trove of useful extension methods, helpers, and tools for building awesome Umbraco CMS web applications. It includes SEO helpers, extension methods for content retrieval (like those pesky prevalues), on-demand server-side SCSS compilation, and more.  

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Halide for ASP.NET/MVC

Halide is a set of tools that provide ASP.NET and MVC developers with additional high-level functionality for their web application projects, including extension methods for base types (like strings, array, numerics), and static helpers for encryption, compression, REST calls, SCSS compilation, CSS and JavaScript minification, date/time formatting and comparison, and much more.

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The SFUMATO layout framework for building visually scalable web apps uses pure SCSS to make web pages scale like a PDF. Not only is page zooming a great user experience, it streamlines development for lots of different devices. For example, your mobile view scales and looks identical on all phone widths. No need to have breakpoints for different size phones.

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