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Enigma MachineModern keyless cryptography using an emulated Enigma machine
Sfumato SCSSCLI tool for generating CSS utility classes from your markup
Hosting & Deployment
FdeployCLI tool for deploying ASP.NET Core websites quickly with offline messaging
Namecheap DNSAdd and remove TXT records using the Namecheap DNS API
SQL Server
DataStoreSQL Server ORM framework for .NET Core/Standard projects
SqlPkg for SqlPackageMake Microsoft’s SqlPackage a better backup/restore tool
BenfordExplore how Benford’s Law can detect falsified data in text or images

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SQL Server


SQL Server
Mac / Win / Linux
x64 / Arm64

DataStore is a high performance JSON object store (ORM) for SQL Server. DataStore uses and automatically creates and manages a pre-defined SQL Server data structure that can coexist with existing database objects. All database operations are performed with the DataStore class.

Your models are stored as JSON so you can have most any kind of object structure, provided your models inherit from DsObject.

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