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Configure Espresso 2 to syntax highlight Sass files

Modifying the OS X app Espresso 2 to support syntax highlighting of Sass files is an easy chore. Just modify the existing CSS plugin to recognize the Sass file extensions ‘sass’ and ‘scss’.

New client spotlight: TGaS Advisors

We're excited to be working with TGaS Advisors® as they drive commercial excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

New Fynydd website for 2014

Building a website for your own company is inevitably more difficult and lengthy process than ones you build for others. It's personal, right?

How to charge and care for your mobile device battery

Lithium-ion batteries, like the ones used in notebooks, tablets, and phones, don't require power cycling in order to retain their maximum capacity for storing energy and long life.

Working with hidden files in OS X

If you've ever had to edit a hidden system file in OS X, like the *hosts* file (for adding custom domain names to your local machine), it's easy to find and open these files from any application.

What is "Open Source"?

A term to describe software written in a way that anyone can collaborate and redistribute the code without legal consequence.

Monochrome web icon sets; free and scalable

Sometimes a designer just wants a simple monochrome icon that blends in well with their overall design, and isn't a distraction for the user.

Testing a mobile website on Mac OS X

Need to test a site or web application on mobile? Here is how to set up emulation testing for iOS and Android devices on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Why wireframe?

Wireframes are essential, core aspects to the development cycle for a new website, or are they?

Enumerating, getting, and setting the timezone on a Linux system

If you ever find yourself looking for a way to enumerate, get, or set timezone information on a Linux installation, here is a quick rundown to get you started.