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The tyranny of the media query

Using media queries to create distinct experiences for different web browser and device sizes comes at a cost: overly complex web layout code, ignored device sizes, or even in future-proofing your web application. But there is an alternative: truly scalable websites.

A sublime coding experience

Here's a great theme and color scheme for Sublime Text 3. It's flat, modern, low contrast, and based on the Material Theme.

Building an intranet? Consider this...

The strategy for creating a great intranet site is no different than any other website, so long as you take a user-centric approach.

Create a favicon using PNG images

Using the free ImageMagick utility, you can create multi-resolution favicon.ico files with PNG images. Here's how.

Fixing orphans on responsive websites

Text wrapping in titles creating ugly orphans in your HTML? Here's how to fix it using Javascript.

Support SVG in older browsers with PNG fallbacks

Instruction on using Modernizer to detect SVG support in the browser and swap with PNG files when necessary.

New Fynydd website for 2014

Building a website for your own company is inevitably more difficult and lengthy process than ones you build for others. It's personal, right?

Monochrome web icon sets; free and scalable

Sometimes a designer just wants a simple monochrome icon that blends in well with their overall design, and isn't a distraction for the user.

Why wireframe?

Wireframes are essential, core aspects to the development cycle for a new website, or are they?

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