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RT @forrester: Jetsons at home, Flintstones at work. @owensleslie on semantic technologies in the enterprise: #FEAF12

Fynydd @fynydd on 5/4/2012

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Fynydd @fynydd on 4/23/2012

WiFi signal problems? This might help.

I've been battling with intermittent WiFi signal problems in my house for some time. Here's how I solved the problem.

Get Visual Studio 2010 to build solutions on a network share in a VMware Fusion virtual machine

Here are some tips for the most common issue when working with Visual Studio solutions located on a VMware network share (\\vmware-host\*),"failed to start monitoring changes" build error.

Use Gravatars to enhance your online social presence

The Gravatar service allows you to upload one or more avatars of yourself, and associate them with one or more e-mail addresses for anyone to see.

How to properly enjoy a Slurpee or Icee

We would scrape together pocket (or couch) change, walk to 7-Eleven and buy candy and Slurpees, then goof around while cooling our internal organs.

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RT @ovoinnovation: Drucker: a business has only two functions: marketing and #innovation. Marketing and innovation create value, all t ...

Fynydd @fynydd on 3/12/2012

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RT @oscarberg: Why traditional intranets fail today’s knowledge workers - my preso from #iec12 #socbiz #intranet #e20

Fynydd @fynydd on 3/5/2012

The best file compression app to use in OS X

There are a plethora of great file compression tools for OS X, including the built-in Archive Utility.

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RT @tonyshaw: The SemTechBiz SF agenda is posted. Still some sessions to confirm.but you'll get the idea #semtechbi ...

Fynydd @fynydd on 2/16/2012