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We created a simple tools page for free utilities we build and system information. Check it out! Hope you like it.

Fynydd @fynydd on 9/30/2016

Cable cord cutting

If your cable bill is too high or you value choice, you will likely be interested in cutting the cord and going with Internet TV. Here's my experience.

A sublime coding experience

Here's a great theme and color scheme for Sublime Text 3. It's flat, modern, low contrast, and based on the Material Theme.

Rethink your CMS strategy

Adopting a web content management system requires compromises. For example, even if you love the CMS you may not like the way it handles publishing.

2015 tech predictions: how did we do?

A year ago several people at Fynydd participated in the First Annual Fynydd Predictions for the New Year. Now that it's 2016, it's time to see how we did.

How to properly set up a child's iPhone or iPad

There are many ways for children to get into trouble online, even at home. This article focuses on locking down iPhones and iPads, or any other iOS device.

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We proactively addressed this issue on our home page by detecting when the page loses focus and pausing the video.

Fynydd @fynydd on 12/22/2015

Indian butter chicken (murgh makhani)

This kid-friendly recipe is not only my favorite Indian preparation, it’s also my favorite chicken recipe. You’ll lick your plate clean. It’s THAT good.

The seductive lure of FAQs

I don't recommend using Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on intranets and websites. They're not the right way to provide content to visitors. Why?

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Is Google’s Lackluster Support for Encryption a Human Rights Issue? In many ways, yes.

Fynydd @fynydd on 11/4/2015