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Rethink your CMS strategy

Adopting a web content management system requires compromises. For example, even if you love the CMS you may not like the way it handles publishing.

Publish a site in Visual Studio using implicit FTP over TLS/SSL

Here's a simple solution for deploying a web application to a server using implicit FTPS on port 990 with the Visual Studio Publish feature.

Properly handling HTML5 video

We looked at how sites handle video and became keenly aware of some important considerations: choice, mobile and autoplay, energy consumption, and formats.

Create a favicon using PNG images

Using the free ImageMagick utility, you can create multi-resolution favicon.ico files with PNG images. Here's how.

Add blog search to Ghost with PHP

We recently replaced our blog publishing technology with the new Ghost blog platform. But one of the drawbacks is that it lacked search. So we built one.

Fixing orphans on responsive websites

Text wrapping in titles creating ugly orphans in your HTML? Here's how to fix it using Javascript.

How we integrated the Ghost blogging platform

We recently upgraded the Fynydd blog with Ghost, a Node.js-based blogging platform. The catch? Our site is running PHP on Windows with IIS.

Support SVG in older browsers with PNG fallbacks

Instruction on using Modernizer to detect SVG support in the browser and swap with PNG files when necessary.

Structure rich content with microformats

Strategic formatting of content allows for a rich representation of your content in search results and posts Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Configure Espresso 2 to syntax highlight Sass files

Modifying the OS X app Espresso 2 to support syntax highlighting of Sass files is an easy chore. Just modify the existing CSS plugin to recognize the Sass file extensions ‘sass’ and ‘scss’.

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