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We've discovered that using ImageOptim to compress PNG images is very unstable and crashes on macOS Mojave, but only if you run it on a display other than the primary one. Any thoughts on this hypothesis @kornelski?

Fynydd @fynydd on 11/20/2018

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macOS High Sierra and Mojave network issues/freezes with Windows file shares? Try enabling SMB/CIFS 1.0 on the Windows machine. Disabled by default in later Windows 10 builds. macOS seems to have issues with the newer SMB protocol.

Fynydd @fynydd on 11/14/2018

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Fynydd @fynydd on 10/28/2018

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It's a rare security update for @umbraco CMS. Be sure to update your instances to the latest builds of 7.10, 7.11, or 7.12. They all include a third-party dependency with a fixed security flaw.

Fynydd @fynydd on 9/20/2018

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Twitter’s recent API changes are ruining great third party apps. Contrary to their statement, this is all about ad revenue. If they truly cared about users they would offer a paid ad-free user experience option and keep an egalitarian developer ecosystem. #BreakingMyTwitter

Fynydd @fynydd on 8/17/2018

Fynydd named a Top Web Developer in the Philadelphia Metro

We are thrilled to share that our dedication and hard work have ranked Fynydd as one of the top web developers in Philadelphia according to and The Manifest!

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PRO TIP: Never have more than one scrollbar on a web page. It's confusing and gives users "page scroll vertigo". We're looking at you @nytimes.

Fynydd @fynydd on 7/25/2018

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This week, Adobe announced that it's bringing a complete version of Photoshop to the iPad. You may not like the Adobe subscription model, but you have to admit that this is a big deal.

Fynydd @fynydd on 7/16/2018

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When showing off your service's uptime, is this a valid statement?
"Uptime in the past 30 days: 100%, excluding current outage"

Fynydd @fynydd on 6/27/2018

The tyranny of the media query

Using media queries to create distinct experiences for different web browser and device sizes comes at a cost: overly complex web layout code, ignored device sizes, or even in future-proofing your web application. But there is an alternative: truly scalable websites.