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This week, Adobe announced that it's bringing a complete version of Photoshop to the iPad. You may not like the Adobe subscription model, but you have to admit that this is a big deal.

Fynydd @fynydd on 7/16/2018

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When showing off your service's uptime, is this a valid statement?
"Uptime in the past 30 days: 100%, excluding current outage"

Fynydd @fynydd on 6/27/2018

The tyranny of the media query

Using media queries to create distinct experiences for different web browser and device sizes comes at a cost: overly complex web layout code, ignored device sizes, or even in future-proofing your web application. But there is an alternative: truly scalable websites.

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Here's an example of what our SFUMATO scaling framework can do for your website. Would this improve your website or intranet user experience? Visit our site to find out more.

Fynydd @fynydd on 5/25/2018

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Check out our new website; some interesting tech under the hood. For example, when you resize the browser it zooms between device breakpoints, like a PDF. That tech is available free in our "open source" area. Let us know what you think!

Fynydd @fynydd on 5/25/2018

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Is Internet Explorer 11 wreaking havoc with your responsive SVG images? A quick fix is to add this meta tag to your website framework:
<meta content="IE=EmulateIE10" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible">

Fynydd @fynydd on 5/18/2018

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This year's hard drive reliability report from BackBlaze is now available. If you're thinking about buying a hard drive, definitely look at this before you make the purchase.

Fynydd @fynydd on 5/3/2018

5 things you're doing wrong with your content management system

Most websites are built on a content management system (CMS). And because they allow content authors great control, they can also be misused.

How to choose the right software development partner

If you're just starting out on your quest to find the right software development partner, these tips will help you get started.

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